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Festival Theft – How our anti-theft design changed the game.

ryan lange - May 3, 2019

Sadly, our beloved music festivals have become a space for thieves to come and wreak havoc on party enthusiasts. We’re putting an end to that.

RaveRunner® + Infuze Hydro

Hydration Pack Hack – Flavor With Out The Mess

ryan lange - April 30, 2019

Trying to add some flavor to your hydration pack? Yeah, we are too. The whole team at GenZ can admit that we have tried to pour sports drinks into our hydration bladder to be left with a stick messy afterward (if you have done this too, keep an eye out for our how to clean […]


The Hydration Pack That Keep Phoenix Lights Partying All Night

ryan lange - April 20, 2019

Our Genz team took the RaveRunner® prototypes out to Arizona for Phoenix Lights, a small festival located out in the scorching hot desert. This was going to one of the last music festivals with only a couple of RaveRunner® prototypes running around the festival grounds (we are fully launching because you guys helped smash our […]