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The best phone tether

The Best Phone Tether for your Next Event

ryan lange - November 8, 2022

Y­­ou’re looking for the best phone tether, huh? Well, you’ve found the best recommendation because we have tried them all.  From retractable phone tethers to the kind that come with that generic loop cord that is attached to your grandmother’s phone from the 80’s, we put each one to the test. Phone tethers are a […]

15 best gifts for runners

New Running Shoes To Try In 2022

ryan lange - February 2, 2022

Avid runners need to update their gears pretty often, and each New Year brings new releases. What we’ve seen so far looks pretty exciting, as all the top brands have been advertising their newest designs, cutting-edge technology and new release dates. Of course, we are on top of it all! Here is our list of […]

festival theft 1 billion

Music Festival Theft – How bad is it?

ryan lange - January 29, 2022

Music Festival Theft: How pickpockets are snagging just under $800 million in phones and other valuables.

15 best gifts for runners

15 Best Gifts for Runners

ryan lange - October 14, 2021

What do you think are the best gifts for runners? Runners invest a lot of resources to up their sport. Imagine weeks of training on the tracks, trails, and treadmills. The gear utilized in practice needs to suffice the needs of the training period. Bad gear can restrict how hard you can push and recover. […]

how to lose weight running

How to Lose Weight Running

ryan lange - August 25, 2021

All of us wish we could snap our fingers and magically lose weight. Although we aren’t gifted this power, we can teach you how to lose weight while running. Like everything else in life, losing weight takes time and persistence. There is no easy answer, there is no quick fix, there is no secret. If […]

best shoes for shuffling

Top 6 Best Shoes for Shuffling on the Dance Floor

ryan lange - August 25, 2021

Hey, do you know what the best shoes for shuffling are? Maybe you’ve been shuffling for a few years now and are looking to up your game with the best footwear for shuffling. Maybe you’re a newbie looking to get into the dance scene. Regardless you case, we have you covered with our top 6 […]

best earplugs for concerts and festivals

Top 7 Best Concert Earplugs for Live Music and Festivals

ryan lange - August 24, 2021

What defines the best concert earplugs, and why should you wear earplugs at concerts? Of course, music will always be a regular feature at live concerts or nightclubs. And that also means you must deal with loud music if you attend shows. Unfortunately, loud music or sound may not be your ear drum’s best friend. […]


5 Quick Hacks on How to Increase Stamina for Running

ryan lange - August 23, 2021

Do you wish to know how to lose weight by running? Well, learning how to increasing your running stamina will enable you to go longer distances and burn even more calories. So let’s jump in on how one could lengthen their distance. It all starts with having a goal. Are you are a beginner runner, […]

How to start running

6 Steps on How to Start Running

ryan lange - August 19, 2021

So, you are curious about how to start running. Running began in our hunting and gathering days when we didn’t have a choice. If we didn’t run, we didn’t survive. Over time our bodies evolved to make us better hunters. We developed sweat, so we didn’t overheat. Our feet evolved to take heavy impact, and […]

how to prevent shin splints and stress fractures

How to Prevent Shin Splints & Stress Fractures

ryan lange - May 13, 2021

Shin splints and stress fractures are no fun. They are both in the top 8 most frequent running injuries experienced by athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Preventing shin splints and stress fractures is doable. It is always unfortunate to hear about someone experiencing shin splints and stress fractures because we know how annoying and painful, they […]


How to Carry your phone while running

ryan lange - May 5, 2021

The corona virus pandemic has resulted in boosting the number of people hitting the trails or road for a jog to shred off those quarantine pounds. The most common question that we hear these motivated newbies is, “how do I carry my phone while running?” If you stick 100 runners in a room and ask […]

RaveRunner Solar Panel Backpack

How do Solar Panel Backpacks Work? (And Why You Need One)

ryan lange - March 2, 2021

Solar power, and solar power backpacks, have become a large part of the sustainability discussion in today’s modern world. Many people are still unsure about them because they do not understand how they work or if they are effective. Based on the statistics, more and more people are beginning to utilize backpacks with built-in solar […]